Audra McLaughlin
Audra Mclaughlin was on season 6 of the voice and I personally feel she has the best (Carrie Underwood aside LOL) voice in the music industry. Recently, my daughter and I met Audra and she is a true doll. My daughter's world was made golden again since she too sings and takes lessons. Although my daughter and I often argue about who was more excited to meet her....

I think Audra will be one of the biggest stars in the music industry, as her voice is mesmerizing. I remember I was laughed at when I said these same words about Carrie Underwood on Season 4 of American Idol, but look where that is. I have met Carrie twice and have attended 8 concerts of hers, and will do the same when Audra becomes just as big. Hopefully, me and my daughter get to meet Audra again, especially being that we live very close to her.

Although no one will ever replace Carrie Underwood as my favorite singer (as many customers have reminded me about) Audra has the talent and beauty to be right up there with Carrie.

My office walls now proudly display signed pictures of my two favorite singers, and I await the up and coming Audra to begin filling my shelves with CD's

UPDATE: Being the sweetheart she is, Audra sang a song with my daughter at her lessons with Mellissa Daly of School of Rock, and made my daughter the happiest little girl in the world. She still dreams of doing a duet with Audra, but we shall wait for that LOL. I've said it before that Audra is one of the sweetest, talented woman I've ever seen, (again Carrie aside lol), and Bob's Repairs will continue to support her in any way possible.